It is our pleasure to share that Stacy Padula, founder and president of Briley & Baxter Publications, was named Top Inspirational Author of the Year!

On December 9th and 10th, Stacy was broadcast on the Planet Hollywood jumbotron overlooking the Las Vegas Strip, and on December 10th, she received her award at a gala hosted by IAOTP at the Bellagio.

Emmy award-winning writer and producer, Mark Blutman, accompanied Stacy to the gala, where they celebrated the success of Stacy’s Gripped book series. Mark Blutman, known for Boy Meets World, Girl Meets World, and Ghostwriter, is currently adapting Gripped for TV. Also attending the gala with Stacy were Briley & Baxter Publications’ authors Candido Bretto and Debra Fredette.

Also this month…

Stacy Padula’s novel, Gripped Part 1: The Truth We Never Told won the Gold Award in the Readers’ Choice Book Awards for Best Teen Book!

Gripped’s talented high school interns Bella Gill, Timmy Weiss, Olivia Halle, Sarah Parrish, Julia Trenholm, Nasin Groshek, Maya Daly, Deirdre Mitchell, and Laurie O’Sullivan have been hard at work writing articles about the series. You can read their published articles here.

Stacy is about 100 pages into writing Gripped Part 6: The Dunkin Legacy and hopes to release it this coming spring. Stay tuned for updates!