Consistently exhibiting the highest levels of professionalism and quality work at all levels of the process, whilst maintaining an incredible response time, Briley and Baxter Publications is by far the best in the business from my point of view. I am thrilled and honored to be able to work with them. 

Kim Passante

My first experience in self publishing was difficult and expensive with every step an additional cost. It was such a frustrating experience I might never have published again if I hadn’t discovered Briley & Baxter Publications. Everything from the initial in person contact to the final product was a fun experience as we partnered to make the second and third speculative science fiction books in the Course Correction series a reality. The experience was so good, I had Briley & Baxter republish the first book. More stories are on their way!

Richard Cutler

It has been a wonderful experience working with Briley & Baxter Publications. My questions are always quickly responded to, with fully explained answers and often with a listing of options. The enthusiasm is always present and hurdles are met with a team effort problem solving approach rather than a road block. I am really grateful to be working with them. 

Leokadia George

I am so blessed to have worked with Briley and Baxter Publications. The team behind B&B put care and love into each and every page of my story while working with me every step of the way. A truly amazing experience!

Teddy Biron

Working with Briley & Baxter Publications has been an absolute delight! They were so supportive and helped bring my book to life in a way that exceeded all my expectations. Stacy Padula was always there to answer any questions I had and provided invaluable feedback throughout the entire process.

Candido Bretto

It’s been a pleasure working with Stacy Padula the CEO and Founder of Briley & Baxter Publications.  She was always there to answer my questions and concerns and has been a delight to work with.  She has helped throughout the process by setting me up with an illustrator and also different avenues to continue to promote my book.  She herself is an inspiration in her accomplishments and I look forward to a continued relationship as an author.

Jenna Feitelberg

It is extremely refreshing to work with such a professional based organization such as Briley & Baxter Publications and Ms. Stacy Padula.  As a published author and writer for the past 20 years, I have had to deal with quite some unscrupulous publishing companies and am so pleased those days are behind me. Stacy and her team are fair, understanding, experienced and competent which help make publishing a manuscript into a new book enjoyable, as it was meant to be.  

Rico Austin, phD

Working with Briley and Baxter has been great! Stacy makes us feel really special. She has made publishing our book a wonderful experience! 

Gilly DeCosta

Working with Briley & Baxter Publications has been such a treasure in so many ways. I truly appreciate the clear and timely communication, and the process of creating a book from start to finish is very smooth. I would recommend anyone wanting to publish a book to come to this team! 

Dani R. Romero

As a first time author, it was a tremendous help to have Briley & Baxter as a publisher. Stacy in particular was able to answer every question I had and offered a flexibility I didn’t find elsewhere. I felt confident that my book was in the best hands. Being local and donating to animal rescues was the icing on the cake for me!

Stephanie L. Brazer