My Refuge: Finding Peace & Strength in Uncertainty

In a world of chaos and devastation, how do people find serenity and security? With coronavirus, riots, and looting occurring, citizens are fearful of what tomorrow will bring. In My Refuge: Finding Peace & Strength in Uncertainty, Debra Fredette shares how she dealt with similar circumstances and found peace and strength in a time of unrest. This materialized when she decided to travel to Africa in 2014 to help relieve the oppression of deaf children. 

The Ebola outbreak was rapidly spreading; ISIS was on the rise; and Boko Haram had just kidnapped nearly 300 schoolgirls. A couple of weeks after Deb landed at the Entebbe Airport, the U.S. embassy issued a high terror alert throughout Uganda, stating that American citizens should not go to any public or religious places. However, this did not prevent Deb-a white Christian woman-from living in a poor Muslim neighborhood or traveling with two other women to the exact place where the killings had occurred that caused the embassy’s warning.

Join Deb as she shares her secrets on how to fight hate with love, advance when you are afraid, and persevere against the grain even when you are growing weary.


During its release month, My Refuge: Finding Peace & Strength in Uncertainty, made it onto Amazon’s Top 10 New Release list as #3 in its genre.

About the Author

Debra Fredette is a native of Massachusetts. As a missionary, widow, mother, youth group leader, mentor, medical professional, and teacher, she has been able to fulfill her dream of helping others conquer their fears, persevere through life’s challenges, and become who they were created to be. Although she has a degree in science, her real credentials lie in her personal life experiences in which she survived cancer, divorce, the deaths of immediate family members, unemployment, the loss of a home, physical and mental abuse, oppression, and betrayal. She is currently working as a tutor and enjoys writing, golfing, skiing, as well as fellowshipping with her family and friends.


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