A Powerful Personal-Development Book

PLYMOUTH, MASSACHUSETTS, UNITED STATES, June 3, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Briley & Baxter Publications is excited to announce the release of the personal-development book, Inherently Fallible: Life Lessons from a Father, by author Shawn Janes, available on June 15, 2021 via Amazonand Barnes & Noble

No one wants to see anyone re-experience the mistakes they have made, especially their children. As much as we want them to heed our words of wisdom, our unsolicited advice often falls on deaf ears, disregarded with an eye-roll, and lost somewhere in their internal hard drive. The maddening part is when they hear the same information from an outside source – a teacher, friend, relative, or a boss, and receive it as if it is original. The advice you were trying to impart all along is now their new religion, credited to someone else.

This was the catalyst for the book Inherently Fallible. Shawn created a tangible guide of life lessons for young adults, most of which he learned the hard way, and everything he wished he knew before he turned 25.

Inherently Fallible will be available via Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Target on June 15. 2021. 

“Inherently Fallible provides profound lessons in simplistic ways that will resonate with teenagers and beyond. The life lessons portrayed through this book grant children wisdom beyond their years. It is a must-read for any young person hoping to get ahead in life.” – Stacy Padula, award-winning author of Gripped, Montgomery Lake High, and On the Right Path

About the Author: 
Shawn Janes was molded by the Marine Corps and shaped by his faith. His eclectic life story starts in rural Kansas, where he was raised by a single mother, orphaned at 15, and adopted by a family in Minnesota. Although Shawn has Midwest roots, he considers himself a Southerner – most of his life has been spent in the South. He is the proud father of two young adults who served as the inspiration for the book. Shawn is also a serial entrepreneur and has learned just as much from his failures as his successes. He loves seeing people grow and discover their full potential, having spent several years working with troubled teens and a decade fighting injustice and poverty worldwide. He also believes that anything worth doing in life is worth overdoing.