Inherently Fallible: Life Lessons From A Father

“We’ve talked about this.”
There is a maddening truth that only parents know about the unsolicited advice we offer our children. Although shared with hopes of preventing our children from reliving our mistakes, it seems to merge with everything else as it passes through one ear and out the other, lost in their internal hard drive and often followed by the infamous eye roll. That is, of course, until they get the same advice from someone else. It could be a friend, teacher, relative, boss-whomever-and it’s as if they have never heard it before. That thing you may have said a thousand times is now their new religion because of an experience they had or something they heard from another person. That was the catalyst for this book: creating a tangible reference of life lessons for young adults—everything I wish I knew before age twenty-five.

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Editorial Reviews

“Inherently Fallible provides profound lessons in simplistic ways that will resonate with teenagers and beyond. The life lessons portrayed through this book grant children wisdom beyond their years. It is a must read for any young person hoping to get ahead in life.” – Stacy Padula, award-winning author of Gripped, Montgomery Lake High, and On The Right Path

About the Author

Molded by the Marine Corps and shaped by his faith, Shawn has an eclectic life story. Raised by a single mom in rural Kansas, he was orphaned at fifteen and adopted by a Minnesota family. Although he has roots in the Midwest, he considers himself a Southerner, as most of his life has been lived in the South. He is the proud father of two young adults who were the inspiration behind this book. Starting and developing businesses is a passion for this serial entrepreneur who has learned as much from his failures as his successes. He spent several years working with troubled teens and a decade of outreach fighting injustice and poverty around the world. He has a passion to see people grow and discover their full potential. Shawn believes that anything in life worth doing is worth overdoing.


Briley & Baxter Publications Announces the Release of Inherently Fallible: Life Lessons from a Father