Maizy & Charlie’s

Join sisters Maizy and Charlie as they teach young readers to be wary of scary germs! From the ways kids can prevent the spread of germs to where germs can live, Maizy and Charlie cover it all.

“Parents will love this book, which encourages children to prioritize health and hygiene.”
—Stacy A. Padula, award-winning author

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About the Author

Annie and Gilly DeCosta live in Royalston, MA with their two daughters, Maizy and Charlie. During the pandemic, the DeCosta family dreamed up Maizy & Charlie’s Germ Book as a way to teach children to be cautious of germs. Annie and Maizy created the story and presented it to a classroom over Zoom. After it was positively received, Gilly went to work on the illustrations, deciding the book could help countless children if it were published. The book is published in loving memory of Annie’s father, who passed away from cancer in April of 2022.


The Inspiration Behind ‘Maizy & Charlie’s Germ Book’
A Book Created by an Entire Family