The Lighthouse Keeper Saves the Bay

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Each morning, the lighthouse keeper awakes to watch seals play, fish swim, and seagulls fly. In his small, seaside town, the marine life lives in perfect harmony. One night while the lighthouse keeper sleeps, trouble lurks in the bay. The lighthouse keeper must work quickly to save the sea animals and find some help along the way.

Parents will love this beautifully illustrated book, which teaches children the importance of protecting the ocean and marine life, as well as caring for the environment.

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About the Author

Theodore “Teddy” Biron is an award-winning artist from Cape Cod, Massachusetts. He graduated from Sandwich High School in 2020. He debuted his art for the first time at Reverdy Gallery in December of 2019. Living by the ocean has fueled his creativity and inspired most of his paintings and writings.


#1 New Release in its Genre, Amazon
#5 Best-selling Book in its Genre, Amazon


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