The Cam-Mac Adventure Express

After graduating from Navigation Class, Cam sets sail from Boston Harbor to find his place on the high seas. After a dizzying tango in the Bermuda Triangle and an encounter with a couple of other ships, Cam finds himself on a royal adventure. With a BIG imagination and some help from his brother, Mac, Cam takes the Royals of Concord on a magical journey.

“Parents will love this heartfelt and beautifully illustrated story that encourages children to use their imagination and conquer their fears!”—Stacy A. Padula, award-winning author

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About the Author

After fifteen years in television production, Stephanie Brazer took off her headset and picked up a notepad and pen. Always inspired by the power of a good story herself, she dreamt up The Cam-Mac Adventure Express, creating a fun and entertaining way to honor her sons in the process. When her nose isn’t in a book or behind the camera, Stephanie loves traveling with her husband and hiking with their two dogs.



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