Errol: The Cat Who Wasn’t a Cat

Errol grew up believing he was a normal cat, and just like any normal cat, he went to college, got a job at a bank, and worked every day.

When a gang of bandits try to rob Errol’s bank, a dragon magically appears to save the day. Soon after, Errol learns his life is anything but normal and he is anything but a normal cat. He’s not a cat at all!

With a dangerous group of villains chasing after him, Errol must uncover the truth about his mythical origins before it’s too late…

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About the Author

Husband and wife team, Ross and Tonya, live in Arlington, Massachusetts; they have two kids, a Boston terrier, and a very fluffy white cat.

Ross has always been passionate about writing, and Tonya has been drawing since she was a child. The two of them have done a few projects together over the years, but when Tonya told Ross she wanted to illustrate a children’s book, he immediately began writing.

Their cat of nineteen years, Errol passed away a couple years ago, and the two of them miss him dearly; in fact, he inspired this book. Ross rescued Errol from an animal shelter when he was only eight weeks old. He immediately became very sick and almost died. Ross worked tirelessly with his vet to nurse him back to health.

Errol was extremely affectionate towards the family and will always be loved. Ross and Tonya thought writing this book, would be a way to immortalize his life.

Ross and Tonya are excited to continue writing and illustrating more books together and look forward to creating book #2! They look forward to going on this journey with all the readers as Errol continues to discover who he really is!


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