Richard Cutler Shares About His Sci-fi Novels

Carbon Neutral

After a successful space mission on a fleet of Star Ships, Earth’s best and brightest minds return to find their planet ravaged by a viral catastrophe. Without leadership or direction, the loosely reorganized United Nations Stellar Commission (UNSC) sits in a state of stagnation. 

The newly appointed commissioners of the UNSC must decide whether or not to risk the four functional Star Ships that remain in the hope of discovering another inhabitable planet. What they don’t realize is that there are other forces at work, gathering power on Earth and, possibly, in the skies. 

When the travelers encounter a powerful being who cannot recall his past, they discover that helping each other might open just the right doors for everyone. Working as a team, they make a discovery that could change the future of mankind-if they can make it out alive.

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Altered Horizon

In the distant future, humanity has mastered space travel, conquered immense interstellar distances with wormholes gates, and discovered new worlds, all while secretly guided by an ancient Order. But after early successes, ongoing problems on Earth have kept the Star Ship Fleet in a holding pattern awaiting further instructions. 

Then, in 2147, the United Nations Stellar Commission decides to launch a series of new and exciting missions with the primary goal of setting up a colony and wormhole gate on one of the planets orbiting Alpha Centauri. Led by a mixture of experienced and not-so-experienced space Admirals, the Star Ship Fleet embarks on the mission with high expectations that a true colony for mankind can finally be established. 

But the new mission exposes an old and shocking secret-a botched attempt by the Order and the world’s leaders at colonizing another planet years before that left behind humans with no knowledge of Earth. When it becomes clear that the Order has failed to fix the mistakes of the past, it’s up to the best and brightest of humanity to make the right decisions and steer all the species of the galaxy towards a new and better horizon.

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Editorial Reviews

“Anyone who is a science fiction fan will like this book. It has a very interesting plot line combined with fascinating extra-terrestrial life forms that keep the reader engaged from the beginning of the book until the final chapter.” – Dr. Anne Giblin, Marine Biological Laboratory at Woods Hole

“I was completely drawn in while reading this book. It is written with an extensive level of expertise, so much so, that it is very easy to believe the realism of the details. As is incumbent for a science fiction novel, there is a masterful balance between the scientific details and the creative storyline.” – Mackenzie Wells, University of Georgia

About the Author

Richard Cutler is an engineer who dwells on historical events and future possibilities-combining these with a cynical view of what some believe led to his first two books, Course Correction and Carbon Neutral, and now Altered Horizon. When not writing, he restores early 1900s automobiles, or he and his wife, Gini, and their cat, Maggie, go cruising. He resides in a small town in Massachusetts not far from the ocean.


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