A Little Piece of the Big Picture

Parents are so smart! How do they know everything?!

Join Jameson as he learns about the little pieces of knowledge that help create “the big picture.” Parents and teachers will love this book, which encourages children to get excited to learn new things!

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About the Author

Nicki MacKinnon is a creative soul with a love for all things education and exploration. She believes that learning continues long past the classroom and that some of the most important lessons are those learned through play and experimentation, even as an adult.

Nicki enjoys sharing her passions and lessons with her son, Jameson, but more importantly aims to help him cultivate his own. In writing ‘A Little Piece of the Big Picture’ she demonstrates an important lesson learned from her late grandfather and bridges the gap between generations in the form of literature. 


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Everything Worth Reading – New Children’s Book Celebrates Learning