Between Heaven & 42nd and Broadway

A shadow of a being, war veteran Paul Stevenson moves through New York City without purpose.

When the blood spatter from a fellow subway rider and thousands of dollars’ worth of cocaine fall to Paul’s feet, he is forced to open his eyes to a new reality: the world of sex, crime, and drugs that is 1970’s Manhattan-the life in which Paul has suddenly become a main character.

Is there any light in the future of the Big Apple? Or will Paul succumb to the dark shadow of organized crime that encamps the greatest city in the world?

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About the Author

Born and raised in Massachusetts, Michael Caissie studied business at Boston College, before moving to California to pursue screenwriting and directing, where he has written and directed such films as NO TEARS IN HELL, a feature film based on the true story of the Siberian Ripper, along with HUNTER’S MOON, which he also produced. Michael also wrote THE DEVIL’S TRAP, starring Bruce Dern, and co-wrote HANGMAN, starring Al Pacino, Karl Urban, and Brittany Snow. In 2020 he wrote the Mexican film, SIN ORIGEN, for famed horror director, Rigoberto Castaneda. Most recently he was the co-writer for the soon-to-be-released action film THE ISLAND, starring Michael Jai White.


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