Trumpet The Miracle Wolf Pup

At the Wolf Conservation Center, while the workers are worried about the endangered species of Mexican Gray Wolves, two wolves who live there just want a pup of their own. Sadly, there are no puppies yet, and everyone has begun to give up hope.

Based on true events surrounding the miraculous birth of one wolf pup at the Wolf Conservation Center, “Trumpet the Miracle Wolf Pup” will fill your whole family with hope, while starting a conversation with your kids about the importance of saving endangered species.

“Parents will love Trumpet the Miracle Wolf Pup by Leokadia George, which is not only adorable and heart-warming, but also a touching story that educates children about the importance of protecting endangered species. It is sure to become animal lovers’ go to children’s book!” – Stacy Padula, award-winning and best-selling author of On The Right Path, Gripped, and Montgomery Lake High

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About the Author

Leokadia George started volunteering at the Wolf Conservation Center in 2016 where she was introduced to the world of wolf conservation. She also became inspired by one particular Mexican Gray Wolf nicknamed Trumpet, and is honored to be able to share her story.


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