The Monster: Helping Families Navigate Addiction

The Monster is a guide for those who have a loved one struggling with addiction. This work has already been used in support groups and with individual families around the country. The hidden battle in addiction is often the one fought by the family members who suffer along with the addict. This book shows them how they can help themselves and their loved ones escape from “the monster” of addiction.

Julie Hernandez, NY State Retired CASAC and certified life coach, has been in the field of addiction, trauma, and parenting work for over forty years. She continues to work with individuals and families fighting addiction, as well as helping clients reinvent themselves. She is available for speaking engagements and trainings.

Julie has published numerous articles, a children’s book titled There are All Kinds of Bullies So What’s A Kid to Do?, and is currently working on a workbook titled, Re-Inventing Me. Julie can be reached at 516-458-1568 or at

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Editorial Reviews

“As a parent who lost my only child to the disease of addiction, I highly recommend The Monster by Julie Hernandez. I only wish I had this book when my beautiful boy was battling his monster. Her insight details the depth our loved ones face as they battle the disease of addiction. Her compassion draws analogies to let us understand our human weaknesses and her suggestions guide us to bring our loved ones back to who they truly are. The words shine throughout this beautifully illustrated book giving families in crisis a true look at ways they can better support and guide their loved ones to listen to their higher power.” – Sharon Richmond, parent advocate, educator Emanuel “Vincent” D’Antoni 10/28/91-9/13/2017

The Monster by Julie Hernandez is an important guide for anyone who has ever felt desperate and alone while dealing with addiction. Families will find inspiration, hope, and useful tips to help navigate them through this devastating disease.” – Anita Mancini, LCSW Advisor, Business Development Zucker Hillside Hospital

The Monster by Julie Hernandez, is an extremely accurate depiction of what addiction is like for both the addict and their family members. It is a must read for both loved ones and professionals in the field of addiction.” – Lori Miller, LMHC, Private Practice

There Are All Kinds Of Bullies
So What’s A Kid To Do?

What is a Bully? Bullies come in all shapes and sizes, and they can be scary. What is important is learning how to deal with them. This book teaches kids how to deal with bullies through lessons, different scenarios, and interactive questions. Written by author and certified life coach, Julie Hernandez, There Are All Kinds of Bullies So What’s a Kid to Do? teaches a necessary lesson to today’s young generation.

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Editorial Reviews

“There is no book more relevant for youth today than There Are All Kinds of Bullies, So What’s a Kid to Do? Bullying is not a new issue but is one that has become a major topic even more as of late. This important book provides kids with tools that can help identify and nullify the bully. There is no greater gift than empowering kids to know what to do when they are in difficult situations and build their confidence for the rest of their lives. This book is a must have in schools and every household.” – Jay Hernandez, NBA Assistant Coach Charlotte Hornets 

“A timeless children’s book that will resonate with people of all ages. Julie Hernandez’s book is a must-have in homes and schools, providing expert advice in a simplistic way so individuals of all ages can reap benefits and glean wisdom from this healthy social practices book.” – Stacy Padula, award-winning author of three young adult and children’s book series

There Are All Kinds of Bullies, So What’s a Kid to Do should be a staple in all elementary schools and in offices of school social workers and guidance counselors. It’s a wonderful resource that promotes social and emotional learning in a relatable, age-appropriate way. I appreciate the way it depicts many forms of bullying in order to raise awareness and build empathy among young kids.” – Nicole O’Neil, LCSW, Owner, Harbor Counseling

About the Author

Julie Hernandez has been in the field of addiction, co-dependency, trauma, grief, parenting, and anti-bullying work for over forty years. She was a co-founder of one of the largest counseling centers on Long Island and worked as director of community relations on Long Island for a group of psychiatric hospitals and substance abuse facilities. She also hosted Spotlight on the Issues a radio show on WLIE. Julie has been on numerous non-profit boards, including president of New Perspectives: an organization whose mission focused on anti-bullying. She appeared on MSNBC and CNN to help families of plane crash victims, as she lost her own father in a commercial airline crash as a child. She has been quoted in Time magazine and the New York Post, and she has appeared on TV and in a few documentaries about her work in the aftermath of the World Trade Center attacks. She has numerous honors for her volunteer work, including being in the circle of heroes at the Barnum and Bailey Circus. Newsday and Women’s World have both featured her life story. She lives in Northport, New York with her husband of forty-three years, Rich. They have two married children and five grandchildren.


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