The Baby Cow & Other Children’s Poems

This humorous, educational, and beautifully illustrated collection of poetry by Jenna Feitelberg includes the following poems: 

  1. The Puppy
  2. Monster in the Closet
  3. Baby Sister
  4. The Baby Cow
  5. Blueberry
  6. The Tree
  7. Swing from the Moon

“Parents will love The Baby Cow & Other Childrens Poems by Jenna Feitelberg, which not only entertains readers but also teaches children the importance of accepting others.” – Stacy Padula, award-winning and best-selling author of On The Right Path, Gripped, and Montgomery Lake High

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About the Author

Jenna Feitelberg has always had a passion for creativity. She has loved writing poetry since a very young age. As a mother of two beautiful girls she decided to gather her collection of children’s poems and share them with her daughters. The collection had no name at the time, but the girls would ask her to read it over and over again, calling it The Baby Cow. With the encouragement of her husband, the decision was made to publish the book and title it The Baby Cow.



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