The Crash

Phybe has always known a life of peace. After World War III, she and her family are cared for by the United Lands Government Organization (ULGO). When Phybe’s brother Merek comes home from officer training, Phybe perceives trouble on the horizon. That trouble comes crashing down sooner than she expects, taking the perfectly structured world she knows with it. 

Meanwhile, Taelor has spent most of his life trying to keep his younger brother and sister safe as they live among ULGO outcasts known as Variables. When Taelor’s sister is taken by service workers, he and his brother must embark on a mission to rescue her.

Fighting to be reunited with the ones they love, Phybe and Taelor band up with a group of rebels intent on gaining freedom from their corrupt government. Their fight will not come without sacrifice, but will the benefits outweigh the cost?

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Editorial Reviews

“A true original! For anyone—young or old—who enjoys dystopian, fantasy, or action & adventure novels, you will not want to put down The Crash until the very last page has been read. It is nothing short of jaw-dropping, impressive, and inspiring that this page-turning novel, with such an intricate plot and dynamic characters, was written by a high school student. Bravo, Isabelle Semas!” – Stacy Padula, award-winning author of Gripped, On The Right Path, and Montgomery Lake High

About the Author

Isabelle Semas is a 2021 homeschool graduate. She was inspired by her love of dystopian novels and her Christian faith to write her first book, The Crash, at the age of fifteen.



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