Finn Finally Seas

Why would you want to be anyone else but you?

Finn wants to fit in with the other fish in his school, but because of his unusual features, he always seems to stand out. On a journey towards self-acceptance, he learns a valuable lesson about his special place in the world.

“Parents and children will love this adorable story, which encourages kids to be true to themselves.” – Stacy A. Padula, award-winning author

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About the Author

Eileen Clancy-Pantano has a passion for teaching and has a master’s degree in special education. She aims to enhance and inspire her readers to feel, confident, authentic, and special about who they are. Eileen lives in Hull, Massachusetts. She cherishes spending time with her grown sons, grandson, and family. Eileen loves to sing and paint sea scenes on canvases and shells she finds at the beach.


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