Mosaic: Renewing Your Mental Health with God

Can you struggle with mental health and still be a Christian?

Yes. There is a stigma often found in churches that gives birth to the lie that you cannot struggle with mental health and still be a Christian. This Bible study was created to combat that lie with the truth that God wants to guide you through the healing process.

Mosaic focuses on the intersection of faith and mental health, along with the ways the combination of spiritual and psychological practices can help bring about healing. It provides practical applications that can be incorporated into your everyday life to find lasting peace and clarity.

Mosaic was first taught in a small-group Bible study at University of Georgia.

“This study has given me a Godly outlook on what it looks like to follow Jesus and struggle with mental health. It’s helped me hone in on God’s voice and what He says about me instead of what others say. It has also made me realize that the pain I’m feeling is also felt by God and He has never left me for one second.” – Leigha Turner, University of Georgia

“Conversations surrounding faith and mental health are always hard and sometimes awkward, however, going through this course I realized it doesn’t have to be that way.” – Sydney LaBollita, University of Georgia

“The Lord, His sacrifice, and His love for each and every one of us is the ultimate truth and in being a part of this Bible study, my belief in this truth has only grown. This is the first time in a church setting that I have gotten the chance to examine deeply and speak vulnerably of the reality of my experiences with mental health.” – Riley McNeill, University of Georgia

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About the Author

Cameron Pace is an author, mental health advocate, and student at Asbury Theological Seminary pursuing her Master of Arts in Ministry.She is passionate about bringing conversations concerning mental health to the forefront of the church, as well as connecting individuals that need help with the proper resources. She desires reconciliation for those who have been hurt by the church due to the stigmas that surround mental health.She graduated from the University of Georgia with a bachelor’s degree in special education. While obtaining her undergraduate degree, she was able to student teach at Jefferson Middle School and several other schools at the K-12 level. Teaching helped her learn more about how she could use her teaching gift along with her faith and knowledge of mental health to help those around her. The experiences ultimately inspired her to write this book.She continues to live in Athens, Georgia working with college-aged students through the University of Georgia Wesley Foundation, and she is a dog mom to her miniature schnauzer, Ducky.


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