I Love Dandelions

We love dandelions, too!

The dandelion is a flower with wildlife superpowers, providing abundant nectar and pollen, giving food to a wide range of pollinators such as bees, butterflies, moths, fireflies, and other insects. Dandelion seeds and leaves provide food for a wide variety of wildlife, including birds, rabbits, deer, and even bears!

Join Mirabella the mouse as she and her siblings uncover the magical superpowers of dandelions!

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About the Author

August, a staunch environmentalist, lover of nature and wildlife, with great concern for our planet and co-inhabitants thereof, wrote and illustrated this book to bring the “magic of nature” into the hearts of children – starting with the lowly (so-called) dandelion! Along with Theodore W. Mouse, the main character, children discover how magical those “droplets of sunshine” are and the very important role they play in the natural world. Through I Love Dandelions, August endeavors to accomplish several things: arouse a love for all of nature and bring biodiversity back to all those sterile and toxic lawns. After all, a love for dandelions is the dandelion’s best defense. August has had a lifetime career working with thoroughbred horses, specializing in equine neonatal care, breeding, foaling, and re-schooling horses that have endured a subpar training regiment. All of August’s free time is spent raising awareness for the environment through art and with the family’s horses.


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