On June 18th, 2021, author, CEO, and entrepreneur Stacy Padula of Plymouth, Massachusetts was honored on a billboard Jumbotron in Times Square as Empowered Woman of the Year.

Padula was given this honor by the International Association of Top Professionals. Her photo was featured on the famous and iconic Reuters Building, located directly next to where the ball drops every New Years Eve.

Padula is the author of three different book series (Gripped, MLH, On The Right Path), the owner of Briley & Baxter Publications LLC, the owner of South Shore College Consulting & Tutoring, the owner of the Two Cuddly Dachshunds Shop that raises funds for animal rescues, and one of the co-owners of BLE Pictures LLC. Currently Padula’s Gripped book series is being adapted for TV by Emmy-winning producer, Mark Blutman.