Written By Joanna Dakoyannis, Providence College

Gripped 4: Smoke and Mirrors by Stacy Padula is the fascinating continuation of the story centered around a group of teens from Montgomery Lake High School.  They are influenced by older siblings and peers who are involved in drug and alcohol use. Taylor, the older sibling of Marc and Jordan Dunkin is deeply entangled in a life of drug use and dealing. His story continues inGripped 4 as he tries to escape this dangerous lifestyle while being investigated by the Boston Police. 

Simultaneously, the book follows the lives of several younger characters, Luke, Marc, Lisa, Chris, Jason, and Cathy,  who are still in high school. Over several months we see their downfalls and self-realizations that they are on the wrong path in their lives.

Gripped 4: Smoke and Mirrors is a must read for teens in high school and beyond, as well as their parents.  It is an easy read with a story that keeps you turning the page. In following the lives of the characters, the book demonstrates how damaging peer pressure can be in a teen’s life. The book follows the recurring theme in the series that it is never too late to turn your life around.

Gripped 4: Smoke and Mirrors is a captivating extension of the series that gets five stars.

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