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By reading Gripped Part 3: The Fallout by Stacy A. Padula, tweens and teens can learn about the detrimental effects that come as a result of experimenting with dangerous substances such as Adderall, acid, and others that are mentioned in the novel. Although the substances that are prevalent in Gripped Part 3 are very serious and are not something that is usually recommended for younger readers, it is a topic that today’s tweens and teens must educate themselves on as they are entering the stages of their lives in which they may start to be introduced to situations containing such substances. It is important that the coming generations of teens are aware of the risks that come with so they know how to act when put into a similar situation as the characters in Gripped.

Moreover, it is important that Gripped Part 3 is read not just by teens, but also by adults, as it will help give parents of teens a better understanding of how to address the current dangers involved with drug and alcohol abuse with their own children. By reading Gripped Part 3, adults can educate themselves on how supposedly “harmless” recreational use of certain substances can quickly turn into a deadly addiction. Most importantly, the story can serve as a helpful way for parents to learn what they can do to help their own children who may be suffering from the same issues of addiction and anxiety that the characters in the series face.

Gripped Part 3 teaches readers how dangerous drugs are, for it reveals how often a deadly addiction stems from one seemingly “harmless” decision to experiment with a new substance due to peer pressure or personal curiosity. Some of the characters in the series end up spiraling out of control simply because the true effects of alcohol and drug use were downplayed by their peers, making it seem as though there was nothing to be concerned about. Gripped specifically demonstrates the dangers of peer pressure and urges readers to be cautious in their actions, for one seemingly harmless decision can quickly turn into a downfall of destruction.

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